You Were Born Worthy

I was working with a client recently around some self-sabotaging patterns showing up in business and life holding her back. We were going through a bit of what those consisted of and I instantly knew what it was stemming from: worthiness.

You see, if in any way you don’t believe DEEP in your core that you’re worthy then you will do things to show yourself how you’re not worthy of ALL the things…love, success, happiness, money, pride, pleasure, compliments, or anything that lights you up.

It’s unreal to me sometimes the stories that we tell ourselves based on some shitty experience we had ONE TIME in our lives. It can be as little as being excited about a page in our coloring book we colored at 6 years old that when we ran to show our teacher became instantly shamed for not staying in the lines. We internalize it as ‘not worthy’ of praise or pride because it wasn’t received well.

And you know what that leads to? Seeking approval from outside ourselves around anything and everything because we can’t trust ourselves to feel worthy or we would have got a big “Wow, how awesome!” when we showed our masterpiece.


The only approval you need is from WITHIN.

You don’t need to be approved of, prove yourself, or base your opinion of yourself on anyone else.

The fact you put yourself onto this planet with help of the Divine and are a sparkling light of that powerful energy gives you permission to FEEL and BE worthy.

No questions asked.

No need for approval or outside validation from anyone. ANYONE.

I literally lived more than half of my life seeking outside validation in all forms (love, acceptance, money, my body, talents, & ideas) until I fully DID the work. And the work can actually be super fulfilling. Giving yourself the time, space, and commitment to FEEL WORTHY leads to so much more in your life.

It gives you relationships that are beautiful instead of being the doormat…people pleasing is a case of unworthiness.

It gives you the ability to know deep down with high self-belief that you’re worthy of having ANYTHING you desire…without needing to prove yourself.

It gives you the success you seek in your career or business…because you truly OWN your gifts and power and show up.

It gives you such strong confidence in who you are and your ideas that you don’t waiver with indecisiveness or confusion.

And it helps you VALUE yourself for being YOU. No more needing to fit in, discount your gifts, or dim your light.

You aren’t here to dim, hide, or shrink into any box that’s approved of by someone else.

Have you thought about how you might be making yourself feel unworthy in your life? 

It normally comes from an experience that happened in the past and you don’t have to fall back into it.

Being worthy is how we are born. Just as we are born capable and with free will, we don’t have to be a certain status, gender, size, professional, or anything else we connect our worthiness with, to BE WORTHY.

We just are.

When you are having an issue around accepting something, whether it be Love, Money, or Praise…ask yourself “Do I feel worthy of this and if not why? Write that shit out. It will uncover what has happened that attaches feeling less than.

Until you truly own your worth, which by the way has NO price tag, you’ll continue to cycle through sabotage. It’s part of your subconscious mind and ego trying to protect you from the past circumstance.

You can’t actually recreate the past though. You aren’t the same person, the same thoughts, the same energy, or even the same cellular make up.

It’s so beautiful when we truly realize that what we really are is ONE with Divine knowledge, limitless capabilities, innate gifts that nobody else has, and pure potential from unconditional love.

You were born to shine.

Born to BE the Badass Goddess YOU Came to Be.

Born to embrace every desire you feel.

Born to experience a bliss filled life.

Go, be that worthy as fuck BEing now.

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