What If You Have NO Issues?

It feels like another lifetime for me now, but I used to believe I wasn’t ever going to be successful because I wasn’t the popular or lucky type.

I also use to believe that I needed to make everyone else happy  because they deserved it more than I did.

I thought that my body was a piece of shit – a gross, shameful “thing” that wasn’t deserving of love or acceptance.

We all have beliefs at some point in our lives that just suck.

But what if you decided that starting right now, you have no issues?

No money issue
No body shame issue
No people pleasing issue
No worthiness issue
No procrastination issue

NO issue at all!

Wouldn’t it be so fucking liberating?

If you woke up everyday excited about what is to come, feeling such adoration for yourself, and ready to show up in the world, why would you hide yourself or believe anything could be wrong with you? You wouldn’t. You would KNOW and be in such love with yourself instead. It’s not a choice of ignoring things you need to work on.

I’m not talking about pure self-denial where you don’t take personal responsibility and blame everything that doesn’t work out in life on someone (or something) else.

It’s about making the empowering choice!

I’m talking about true awareness of who you are at the depths of your soul; limitless, capable, passionate, loving, and creative.

When you own your truth of being this person and embrace the gorgeous version of yourself you’re becoming, as you do the inner work and commit to growing into the master of your magical life, you no longer have space to allow “I got issues”.

You just don’t.

We have a choice in every moment of every single day to either focus on what we don’t want or focus on what we do.
What you focus on expands. It’s proven. If you constantly think and feel you’ve got issues then you’re programming yourself to constantly prove to yourself that you’ve got issues.

So, if you were to pause right now, and ask yourself, “What issues have I labeled myself as having?”…

What would your answer be?

For every answer, can you be honest with yourself and say, “I no longer choose to label myself with this?

If that feels like too much of a stretch to start with, and you’re not ready to fully give up that label, begin with “I am aware this is limiting me in life, and I’m willing to start working through it”.

The work doesn’t have to be drawn out, that’s a misconception, it can be instantaneous.

One way I do this that works really well is by blessing and releasing.

Fear is one of the old emotions that will always creep in at some point, because I’m committed to growing, and with growth comes uncertainty. I will see where the fear is holding on in my body, put it into an ‘energetic ball’, fill it up with all the worries and concerns that are related to it, then lift it out of my body and energy field to the sky to give to the Divine or sometimes push it out and down to the Earth. I say “I bless and release you”. I really FEEL the blessing that this was with me for a lesson and release it fully.

With that simple practice, I don’t have space for that anymore in my body, mind, or energetic field.

What would you bless and release right now related to issues that you’ve given your power away to?

I’m here if you need guidance.

And speaking of guidance…I’m going to be supporting up to 10 women in a new intensive program that will absolutely shift every current limitation, doubt, or fear into serious confidence, clarity and ease in every area of life!

This is not for those who are attached to victimhood or excuses.

It will take daily commitment and inner work with 1:1 and group sessions for reclaiming your sacred power. I’m super excited to offer this transformation that would normally run over a year’s time (as we’ll be releasing decades of self-limitations) in 90 super powerful days.

And that’s not the best part, a retreat is included in this program in the gorgeous desert of Tucson, Arizona!

The Spiritually Rich Experience will be a 3 day gathering to fully embrace your dreams, the version of who you’re becoming, and the magical fucking life you’re creating that you absolutely deserve.

You will come away from this all-encompassing experience a complete badass ready to take on the world!

If that’s something that’s calling you and you truly are ready to commit to yourself and your dreams, email me with any questions you may have.

It’s time…to Be the Badass Goddess YOU Came to Be.

And I’ve got your back!

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