What does Being a Goddess mean?

Years ago when I first became intrigued with the goddess it wasn’t a buzz word. I knew there was a mythical meaning behind the goddess woman but as I began to research and start connecting spiritually with goddess and feminine energy I realized my oneness with these powerful beings. Goddess lives in us all, full of power, magic, and mystery. When I work with women to “embrace their inner goddess” it’s really just helping them become aware of their own  capabilities and wisdom, learning to love and honor all of who they are, and helping them impact others and create the life they desire with the gifts they were blessed with.

So what does being a goddess even mean?

Goddess is powerful– Sometimes in a gentle way using wisdom or nature to overcome obstacles. She always has a special power that is her own and that can never be denied. When we truly tap into our gifts we came into this world with, we open up our own path in a powerful way. For example, Goddess Kuan Yin is a goddess of compassion and forgiveness. She reminds us not to judge and to have both compassion for others and ourselves. She is a gentle goddess and as we know, forgiveness is powerful but the opposite of aggressive. Kali, on the other hand stands for rebirth, which some see as death. She’s a powerful destroyer but that’s necessary for the new beginning to come through. Your powers are just as important as the well known goddesses and when you take time to explore them and use them, you also increase the effectiveness of them.

Goddess is authentic– She’s not going to try to be someone she’s not or compare herself to others. She has characteristics that are specific to herself that she won’t deny but embraces wholeheartedly instead. Goddess reflects her own authenticity in what she wears, animals she’s close to, how she assists others, and in her beauty that she doesn’t hide from. We’re all beautiful in our own way. I love the goddess Pele who helps us be honest with ourselves of our desires and passion. She has fire around her and the volcano is a symbol of her power to listen to our fire within. When we embrace our own attributes as the magnificence they are, we become an inspiration for others. What is it about you that makes you who you are? I am a lover of nature, of moving, and being different than others therefore I don’t hide from being a treehugger, moving how my body wants to move, and saying what I want without worrying about offending others. Being authentic actually lifts our vibration and helps us shine our inner light brighter. It’s when we are doing what we think we “should” that we dim our light and lose who we are.

Goddess supports and guides– As the goddess Abundantia reminds us to be open to receiving abundance in forms of time, money, help, ideas, she also is there for supporting us on our journey when we call on her. The one aspect of being a goddess that I really love is being an encouraging inspiration for other women. I love when someone comes to me for guidance, when I can listen to struggles without judgement, and when I have the same support and guidance from my sister goddesses. We know as a goddess that we’re all in this together and the world is wonderful to live in when we are collaborating instead of competing. We call on our goddesses from this lifetime and all those from thousands of years ago to help us in our mission on Earth.

Goddess is aligned– Having practices and ritual in my life that tap into goddess energy and give me a true feeling of being supported by something bigger than me is empowering. I believe in God and don’t think there is anything wrong with also believing and working with the Universe, goddesses, angels, and whoever else is on our spiritual team. When we are spiritually aligned in our lives we recognize the connection to our highest self and the team we have supporting us. When we’re out of alignment we usually notice in our outside life by feeling “off” or having a hard time accomplishing what we want. The goddess is in tune with herself, her body, her power source, and lives closely in alignment with all that makes her who she is. I have been using goddess oracle cards for years and notice every message I receive is right on. Even if I know it’s not something I want to hear, when I’m out of alignment energetically or physically life is harder.

Goddess is non-conforming– There seems to be controversy about what feminine is these days. I think we envision feminine being wimpy, soft spoken, motherly, or whimsical and that is possibly why being feminine in the non-conforming way is seen as not being lady like.  A goddess is not going to focus on fitting into a box of what she should be, say, or do. She knows who she is and is capable of wearing a white dress while digging up piles of dirt to plant seeds. She might not be a mother but cares for many while standing up and speaking out against things that are issues in the world. A goddess is less concerned with “what if” and more focused on taking aligned action because the outcome is not in her control but without taking aligned action nothing will happen. I have pissed people off by posting unedited pictures that contain nudity because I know what it’s like to live with body shame for too many years and know women need to see these real and raw photos. We inspire as a goddess, even if that means hearing about it negatively by others who don’t agree.

I am in love with goddesses and the energy associated with them for all of the above reasons. I truly believe when we embrace our goddess within, we are creating a ripple effect for generations to come in terms of being proud of who we are.

There is no reason we can’t be ourselves, be supported, feel aligned, use our power, and make the lives of others even better than before.

Ask Aphrodite for assistance when you’re starting to tap into your goddess power. The guidance you’ll receive may just surprise you of how easy you can become aligned with YOUR inner goddess.

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