Tenacity over Complacency

It’s been quite a wild ride for me the past three years running my business mostly online compared to being in person with clients. I’ve learned so many things, and honestly surprise myself sometimes with my tech abilities that I would’ve never imagined I’d have. As I have fumbled through the online space growing my audience, finding my true message, and sharing my wisdom with the world, one of the main elements that I realize most of my tribe (and possibly the world) need more of is tenacity.

I mean, really.

Do you think we get what we want in life when it feels so scary if we just are complacent?

Hell no!

I’m committed to being a light in the lives of so many humans to fully own their power so they experience life more fully but I can’t do that by hiding, comparing, and doubting in my abilities. I want to be out in the world, shining my light and therefore, I cannot be complacent.

Here are some signs you are complacent and might need to start embracing Mr. T

  • When you have an idea you ask others their opinion. If they say “uh, no”, you scrap it.
  • You don’t like your money situation but don’t see how it can be better.
  • In your love life, you’re the one always giving and feeling like you’re not getting the same in return.
  • As a professional, you have a hard time speaking up for what you want.
  • You don’t feel fulfilled but you don’t even believe that is a possibility at this point in life.
  • Your friends are complainers and you tend to do the same with them.
  • You have things you loved to do but just don’t make the time to do them anymore.
  • Your body is not feeling energized or sexy.
  • When something you were inspired to create in your business falls flat, you see it as failure.
  • Most of your days are filled with ‘wake-up, work, eat, watch TV, sleep’.
  • There’s a little voice telling you that you are meant for more but you don’t trust it.

I don’t believe any human was put on this planet to just go through the motions. I know that we’re all here on purpose and for a purpose and if each person gave themselves permission to feel fear but go forward anyway, we would all benefit.

So, what if you started to fully embrace tenacity instead of being complacent and just floating through life? It might mean that the idea that keeps calling you for a business venture becomes the next Instagram obsession. Then how would you feel?

We live in a society of so much, “what if” that we don’t even allow ourselves to live our lives out loud. But what if you actually asked “what is the worst that can happen?” and then did the thing that is calling you anyway?

Chances are, your “worst that can happen” won’t happen and you won’t end up living under a bridge out of a trash bag or whatever you imagination came up with.

What if you put your wild imagination in charge? That seems so scary though, right? Because it’s not logical and we’re again, a society of logic. Logic and fear.

Don’t look like an idiot and take a chance or “they’re all going to laugh at you”.

So What! Let them laugh.

You know why ‘they’ are laughing? It’s a nervous laugh because they’re too complacent, scared, and tricked into logical thinking to put their own imagination in charge and create what they want in life.

You are meant for more soul sister!

If you need help embracing more tenacity, here is a simple list of ways to do so.

  • Ask yourself daily, “What do I want?” and write it out. Write out why, what it looks like, what it feels like, what you’re doing, who you’re with, and again, what it feels like. The feeling is crucial.
  • Get support from a mentor or group that is similar and believes in something more than they way you’re currently living.
  • Do ONE THING daily that feels a bit scary but gives you more confidence. It should feel uncomfortable. Start small and keep going. Consistency will help you feel more comfortable.
  • Focus on your dream and don’t even share with others who don’t support you.
  • Repeat “I am tenacious as fuck!” all day long in the back of your mind. That will charge you up.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who are going to understand that no matter how BIG the dream is, anything is possible.
  • Do the inner work every single day. Mindset, meditation, and movement are the most likely to move you toward being confident in yourself and away from settling with yourself.

I can tell you from growing up as the shy girl who would not speak up for myself to being a mentor, healer , & entrepreneur who curses and expresses who I am in my own way, that you can do anything you believe. You might as well make those beliefs work for you instead of against you.

Go get ‘em goddess!

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