Stop Holding It All IN!

I was on a walk/run this morning that I promised I’d do while out of my house for a home inspection today. As I was walking I started to do some mindset work, asking myself first, “what am I still afraid of?”

The answer was around a program I’m offering not being filled as I see it in my vision. I went deeper, “why would I be afraid of it when I knew in creating it that my tribe needs it?” The answer was a simple, “I’m allowing that old fear to be inside and it’s time to move it out.”

I immediately FELT that deeply and started running. With each step I felt I was pounding out the fear, releasing it from my mind, my body, and into the earth to be transformed into something so beautiful and full of life.

I immediately felt light.

I kept hearing the declaration “I am fucking powerful and the world needs me to share my power!”. I realized I am willing to do what most aren’t to get what I want in life. I started thinking about the writing I do in my own style with cursing and all. I know some people don’t follow me because they’re offended by my words or the feelings that I trigger within them.

I also realize that there are people who are my true tribe who need me to be that powerful version of myself. They want so badly to share their truth, to say Fuck You to society who has made them believe they need to fit into the box, but I have to say it for them…

Fuck the Box!

I can guarantee I’ll have at least one person unsubscribe or respond with a “that’s not professional” and I will not allow myself to hold in ANY doubt or guilt because of it. This is my purpose (to guide my tribe to their power, truth, and gifts) and I lived far too long denying my purpose out of fear of being judged.

We hold SO much in.

We hold in being ourselves due to judgement.

We hold in the fears that play in our mind until we almost feel insane.

We hold in the emotions we want to express because we should suck it up.

We hold in the doubts that aren’t even ours, they belong to someone else but we hold them in.

We hold in our sexuality to avoid being seen as slutty or too much.

We hold in SO much!

But why?

I know there ’s an epidemic in this country of JUDGEMENT. I mean think about it, why do you REALLY hold yourself back?

You might be judged. And God forbid your old beliefs about yourself then are proven to you because someone else decided for you that you are big, or crazy, or slutty, or emotional, or dumb, or a failure.

It turns out YOU are the one creating your life, not them.

Let yourself out! Let the emotions out!

Turn those negative thoughts into a physical release.

When you hold in all the gunk that your ego loves, it spreads and mutates like a disease, eventually taking over.

All you really need to do is MOVE IT OUT. Physically, with your breath, with you tears, with your voice, whatever works at the moment, you must move it out. Masturbate if you need to.

There are studies that show we literally can’t hold the same low vibrational energy after we have a heart pumping physical movement session. You body is made to MOVE.

Your mind is always moving, from thoughts to thought, then back to the same ones that don’t serve you until you move them out.

Next time you feel like your mind is in control, make the choice to move.

YOU are in charge of your mind. You are responsibly for your life and YOU ARE SO POWERFUL that you can create anything you desire.

DO THE WORK EVERYDAY and see how much you truly master your life.

P.S. If you really feel it’s time to OWN your power, truth, and gifts by being the master of your mind and emotions, the Life Mastery Magic program is open for application. This is a commitment focused, daily ritual, inner work course to get you into deep spiritual and self connection to create the magical fucking life you desire and deserve. I’m only allowing 10 perfectly aligned women in so if you’re tired of seeing life pass you by, your time is now to change it. You will NOT leave this program the same person you are. It’s designed to make you go deeper than you ever have to release decades of doubt, fear, and limitations on every level while increasing your intuition, personal power, and mastering  your mental, emotional, and energetic awareness. I’ll be guiding you daily as a group and working with you one on one so you cannot sabotage yourself. Go here if you’re ready gorgeous…

Blessings and Power to you,


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