How to Overcome Feeling Like Everything Is Ruined

I’ll never forget a moment in my life when I was feeling super down on myself over my money situation and was told “you need to stop ruining everything”. It wasn’t said to me to hurt me but it did in a really big way. I knew deep down that I wasn’t actually ruining everything and just needed more time to figure things out but when your heart instantly crushes into a million pieces because of someone else’s words, you have to quickly find a way out.

I realized I could either keep on crying about it and bringing myself down or fix this shit.

Nothing is ruined.

That word “ruined”, what does it even imply?. There’s no such thing as permanent if you think about it. Markers, hair dye, it all fades eventually.

If you think about the energy around the term it’s not positive in any way and immediately brings up feelings of shame or guilt. Those feelings alone hold us back by allowing us to believe that there’s something wrong with us or what we do. But the truth is, we all make mistakes, and if we don’t then we’ll never make progress in moving forward in our lives.

I don’t believe you are ruined or ruin anything. You aren’t a shirt.

You are a being created out of a piece of God who is truly a shining soul in a physical body capable of anything. Your human nature and ego allow you to make those mistakes that sometimes throw you off course, but really it’s all the correct course anyway.

I believe in alignment. Not only to your desires and the way you work but also the parts of yourself that are the most spiritual. We all deserve the best. Every single one of us was put here to do what we were brought into this world to do. And mistakes are going to happen. We’re not going to tell children who make mistakes that they ruined their life or are ruined because of it, right? Then don’t allow yourself to believe that nonsense either.

Giving up on anything because of what you currently see that’s not ideal or because you’re afraid you might ruin it are both misaligned with faith. If you learn a lesson and do something about it out of your own power, you gain confidence and trust in yourself. Those two qualities alone will get you where you want to be when you take aligned action. 

So a secret formula I use to get what I want in life, especially if I have an “everything is ruined” moment…

  • Trust in yourself and the process- We have to have faith to let God into the equation because it’s all working out exactly as it’s suppose to.
  • Be confident- Others notice when you are and they believe in you as well.
  • Take aligned action- This is action not out of desperation or fear. It’s as much spiritual as it is physical and comes from within because trust and confidence are both pieces of it.Whatever has been standing in your way because you’ve either decided is ruined or fear ruining are holding you back from some serious fulfillment. There’s always a lesson in all of it. Are you going to keep crying over it or fix it with aligned action?
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