Inner Intention Must Match Outer Action

Are you so tired of hearing “Just Believe and You Will Achieve!”?

I’m sure you’re not the only one. I might be a super positive person who believes in mindset and all but what’s not true is this…You can’t JUST believe and expect magic to happen. You actually have to believe, create, have boundaries, and allow your desires to manifest into reality.

That’s where the work comes into place.

An intention is nothing without the energy behind it being pure and being committed to taking action while allowing the space for it to happen.

So how do you do that?

  1. Set the intention from a place of POSITIVITY. This means you don’t set the intention out of fear or desperation. Even if you know you need to pay a bill or have electric turned off, you set the intention from the place of having the electric on and what it gives you, the things you can do, how easy it makes life, and anything else that you experience in a positive way from having what you want.
  2. Take Inspired Action on your intention. This is an act of being in a high vibration as you are DOING work to make your intention a reality. If it’s something work related this can be creating a project that lights you up and is from your heart. It feels exciting and by doing so makes you want to do the work that feeds the intention you set. Inspired Action for me comes from my Trinity-Divine Masculine & Feminine and Inner Child. I’m guided intuitively (DF) to take action (DM) in a way that feels joyful (IC).
  3. Now that you know what your intention is and you’re taking Inspired Action, you must set some boundaries. This is probably the piece that is ignored most out of the four because the importance of it isn’t recognized. Boundaries will be necessary if you truly plan on creating a magical life. Want to know why? Because they create a barrier to the past, sabotage, negativity, and anything else that is NOT in alignment with your intention. Think of it this way, if you’re working towards having a lucrative business as a physical trainer but don’t take care of your body, have fears of staying broke, and believe there is too much competition, the whole process is OFF. You can’t choose prosperity and lack at the same time. You can’t have confidence and lead with fear, and you won’t be successful coming from a place of “I’m the best but what about her”. You have to OWN it. And by doing that, you must have boundaries in place that eliminate having conflicting feelings, ideas, and behaviors in the same place. You must choose one or the other then only focus on that. You put the barrier in place, and this of course is related to people, energy, time, and whatever else can’t exist in the same space as your intention.
  4. Space for allowance involves a few elements-trust, open to receive surrender, & trust again. You have to fully have faith that with the above 3 steps (your intention, inspired action, and boundaries) are creating exactly what you desire. If you don’t trust in yourself fully the process, life, and Spirit then you just cancelled out the whole process. TRUST with faith so high that even if 10 people came to you daily saying “Well, that’s not going to happen” as they laugh at you, you completely ignore them. To trust you must create the openness to receive what your intention is. If you kind of trust and don’t really feel worthy of receiving you also cancel out the whole process. When you trust and open you also have to surrender to what is bigger than you (I call it the Master of the Grand Plan) will make this happen and it might not look how you thought it would. Give up on the idea of HOW as you trust and open to the Grand Plan being so freaking brilliant that it would be dumb of you to try to control it. Then trust again, that your intention is pure, the inspired action is always aligned, the boundaries are in place and you are allowing the space to receive by something much more powerful than just the “it” you are intending to achieve.

Now, go play with the process.

Remember, the intention is nothing without the actions behind it and the energy involved in the process.

Keep that vibration high and what you can create is limitless.

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