How “On Earth as it is in Heaven” Helps Achieve Goals

Last year when I shifted my business to working globally online with women, more shifted within  myself than I could handle at some times. I didn’t understand at the time that the days of sickness and emotional rollercoasters I experienced were due to continuous purging of old beliefs, stuck energy, and emotional wounds I was still holding onto to make room for massive spiritual growth and expansion.

I now refer to these breakdowns that turn into breakthroughs as ‘ascension illness’ when they occur because they’re to lift me higher into my purpose and pure alignment through the assistance of God.

I also experienced major struggle last year when I initiated this business transfer in ways I had no idea could make me stronger. Dealing with niching down, expressing my passion for my work, and connecting with my tribe in a truly authentic way was overwhelming and scary. I’m realizing now that if you persevere though with your purpose always being the foundation taking aligned action, you’ll succeed. It’s God’s way of showing us that we are here for a reason, even in those times of struggle. We just have to trust and keep going so that we may bring all those beautiful gifts we’re born with into this physical world. That is where I was going wrong.

When I was in Mexico in March I became closer in my relationship to Jesus through Christ consciousness that I had pushed away for decades because of my own issues trying to fit Jesus into a box. I learned in the past that you could only believe in Jesus and nobody else or you were wrong and that never sat well with me. How could we say only one being is the way, truth, and light, when other regions of the world have lived in harmony believing in Buddha or other forms of god? And in my yoga training I learned that there is one God, creator of ALL beings who isn’t of a specific religion but inclusive of all life on Earth.

It turns out, when we bring onto this Earth our power and presents from a place of Divine Love, we manifest exactly what is meant for us.

We have to command what we want on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I did all the work on my past poverty beliefs, mindset about my abilities and connected with my Spirit guides to the point that it was all happening up in the ethers and God’s mind but I was not bringing all that work and energy into my body and placing it on Earth. For me it was a difference between becoming a vessel of healing energy and actually making myself seen, heard, and going beyond my comfort zone to help heal others. You can’t just do all the behind the scenes work and not physically bring it all into here and now on this physical plane still expecting results.

Here’s are ways I am finding are key to achieving on earth what you know is meant for you in heaven.

  1. Get out into the world to make personal connections in physical presence. There is no replacement for human connection and you never know who you might meet. When you share who you are in person there’s an energy exchange that is so powerful and evident. It’s the reason babies need touch and humans love hugs.
  1. Make ceremony a part of your daily routine. Even though ceremony is a bit of a ritual that is happening “behind the scenes”’ there is so much that we learn and can implement from our time in ceremony to take aligned action. We put energy into the time we’re in ceremony then take our guided answers from ceremony out into the world. And having our energy be from a place of inner connection is much more powerful than from a place of doing just to achieve a result.
  2. Do something every single week that scares the shit out of you. If you ask for guidance and support from your Spirit team it’s not as scary, I promise. I am beginning a new process of connecting with my women who need me through video and while it really does bring up all sorts of fears, it’s also what will help my message come through from my authentic self. Others have no clue what your fears are, only you.
  1. Make changes in your environment that create what you envision in your life. We really are the most people we spend our time with and when busy with kids and things that suck our time and energy we need even more connection time with those who we are happy and proud to be around. When you allow the past to rule your world with staying in and around heavy energy that isn’t anywhere close to your desires, the time it takes to achieve your divinely aligned goals is going to take much longer.

There’s so much information in the world now around manifesting and getting your energy and mindset right, which is crucial but nothing is going to happen unless YOU make it happen. We all can spend time making excuses for why things aren’t working out how we want but we are actually the one who has the power to create exactly what we desire. We just need to bring on earth what is in heaven for us through aligned action.

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