Don’t Commit and You Don’t Get Shit

Yesterday I was blindsided by a client who decided she’s leaving my program and felt angry, betrayed, and sad. It only lasted a short time though because I know how to shift out of downward emotional spiral mode so quickly now by doing the inner work.

What’s so interesting about this circumstance is that I recently made a huge commitment to myself to only work with clients I adore who are also in LOVE with the work we do together, and are completely committed.

Let me repeat that last part again, COMPLETELY COMMITTED.

Most of my business life up to this point I was only about 50-80% committed, even though I said I was.

We can all say things but unless you actually act on them, it doesn’t fucking matter

Commitment is a key element in getting what we want in life. Think about it, when you wanted something REALLY bad, like losing 10 pounds to get in that dress before your high school reunion, you either DID it because you committed or said you’d do it but once you started it was too hard so you settled on buying the bigger dress and shoving your body into some spanx to look the 10 pounds thinner.

In that case, the commitment is what fell through.

I’m not going to lie, commitment is a bit new to me because I once believed that being committed also equated to being stuck. It turns out when you’re committed to something that will shift your life massively, no matter how hard it becomes, you will see results.

The issue I see with so many clients around commitment are as follows…

  • Feeling the desire is awesome but when shit gets hard commitment goes out the window
  • They believe if they just SAY they’re committed and keep telling themselves without actually doing the work that they’re committed it will somehow just miraculously work
  • Money commitments that aren’t followed through to completion result in no-to-low results in their desired outcome because the energy exchange of money knows when you don’t follow through
  • If others tell them that they “just need to do A, B, or C instead of needing all that commitment stuff” they’ll be fine, and they believe them
  • The easy way out seems so much more ideal than needing to fully commit and might possibly give the same results-WRONG
  • Everything else seems more important than the actual commitment, which becomes a vicious cycle of needing to recommit and start over
  • When they tell themselves they’re committed to something then don’t follow through on it, the level of self-confidence, self-trust, and self-reliance decreases leading to doubt and fear leading the way.

So, yes commitment is crucial.

What are you needing to commit to in your life right now to move forward?

I can tell you as an entrepreneur coaching other entrepreneurs that when things get hard and commitment starts to fail, you have to go back to WHY.

Why do you want what you want?
Why does it matter you get what you want?
Why is it absolutely not ok if you don’t get what you want?

Answer these questions for yourself now.

And now, what do you need to decrease to have your commitment level so high that it’s inevitable you get what you want?

For myself, when I made the commitment to truly step into leadership in life-mastery I had to let of of fear, procrastination, and the idea “I don’t know what to do”.

If those start creeping in I get myself back into a high vibration so there is no space for them to limit me.

It takes a daily practice in high vibration to create a more magical life that’s in alignment with your purpose.

You are capable of creating anything you want when you’re committed, and that’s why I created this just for you.

The Badass Goddess Guidebook for a Magical Fucking Life incorporates ALL the practices I use daily to do the inner work that I’m committed to so I create the life I love. There are years of wisdom and practices packed into this guide so YOU can experience life fully as well.

I believe in you and know that when you TRULY COMMIT your life shifts from mundane to magical.

So, again, what are you committing to right now and how will you make sure you stay committed when shit gets hard?

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