The Bliss Warrior Divine Destiny Program 

A Commitment Focused Inner Work + Inspired Action course to Create a Magical Fucking Life +
Master your Mind and Emotions through Deep Spiritual & Self-Connection

You say you want it ALL...and you deserve it ALL!

But are you really doing what you need with the right support and guidance to have it all... or just wishing for it?

Your intentions of having  a seriously magical fucking life must match your actions.
And that’s where almost everyone goes wrong.
The ONLY way to truly have all areas of your life in alignment is by doing the inner work to fully live your Divine Destiny.

What does your life look like when you access your warrior strength to fight for your bliss? You master your mind and emotions, while working with the Master of the grand plan.

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    It looks like loving and honoring your body no matter what size you are.
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    It looks like having a brand new money story that makes you proud.
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    It looks like having such heightened intuition that you don’t look outside yourself for answers.
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    It looks like having confidence to fully be who you are shining your light and sharing your gifts.
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    It looks like being the badass goddess you came to be while creating the magical fucking life you desire.
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    It looks like having connections with such gorgeous souls and opportunities that light you up.
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    It looks like radiating energy while being in such bliss everyday because you know you are here on purpose. 

You have to get really honest with yourself with what’s not working.

Is fear leading you?
Are you doubting your abilities?
Do you regret not doing what you want?
Is self-sabotage constantly holding you back?

If the answer is YES to any of those you must learn to master your mind & emotions. You don’t just get magical things happening in life being out of alignment and in desperation mode. That’s a mundane life.
Energy is EVERYTHING and when you get yours straight, you inevitably create a gorgeous outer world that reflects your inner world.

Life-Mastery is having such high self-belief and fully reclaiming your sacred power to create anything you want in life.

It involves liberation from past dark moments as intense as sexual/physical/verbal/ emotional abuse or circumstances like poverty. I have freed myself from the chains of inner turmoil related to past experiences that truly wounded me. I know that it’s not only possible but is actually fulfilling to do the work becoming the Master of  your magical fucking life.

Whether you want to travel the world sharing your passion, be in a deeply intimate and loving relationship, have massive power to make a positive impact in the world, share the stage with your favorite motivational speaker, or be the best healer, artist, or writer you have ever come across, it’s ALL possible when you commit to doing the inner work + taking inspired action.

This is for YOU if you…

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    Are so tired of seeing everyone else live out their dreams
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    Feel as though you look together on the outside but something is neglected within
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    Only allow yourself to get so far then sabotage your effort
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    Don't trust enough to fully move forward to the next level in life
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    Know more is meant to be experienced in the is life and there is a bigger purpose for you but are confused on how or what
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    Let other opinions & judgments or rely on approval of others to take away your power

If you’re not living the life you desire NOW, then when???

When you have me in your back pocket to be in your mind when it gets fuzzy and in your energetic field when the emotions go down, you will be in control.

Having Daily Ritual with…

inner work
To write out your aligned magical reality

To confidently trust your inner answers

To honor your body and sexual power

To heighten your intuition to make instant decisions

To self-empowerment with spirit

earth temple
To appreciate our natural power source

to  trust, surrender, and believe

You are Worthy of a Magical Life 
Only $777

BONUS!!! Divine Destiny Membership Access for 1 month

You must prepare to have massive self-realizations through this process and come away from the experience as an awakened soul.

You have to embrace Self-Worth, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Belief, Self-Power, and Self-Connection while setting up boundaries for a new reality to be written.

Your truth is not those fears, insecurities, and concerns you have around your future that stem from your past. Your TRUTH is you are a Divine Feminine being who is always capable and I'm committed to guiding you back to that power within and support She has for you.

If I would have had access to something like this program and the gifts I'm sharing with you , I would have saved thousands of dollars, struggled for less years, and lived my life more fully decades ago. This is powerful work we'll be doing together.

Transformation is guaranteed when you do this work this deeply.

What will it look like over the 6 weeks...

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    1 Immediate Sacred Power Activation Energy Healing Session + Ceremony to Amplify Intentions to Manifest Easily
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    5 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Sessions to Get Out of Your Head & Into Alignment
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    Kimspiration on Command message service-I’ll literally be in your back pocket to shift you out of a funk (Priceless)
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    Constant Interaction with Consistent Action
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    DAILY customized inner work prompts to help you fulfill your Divine Destiny with more ease 
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    Pre-Work Practices
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    Inspired Action Plan for 2018

Feeling Ready to Own your Life Gifts, Power, and Truth while creating a Magical Fucking Life?
Only $777

BONUS!!! Divine Destiny Membership Access for 1 month

You are receiving this powerful course that will transform DECADES of limitations into power. 

I personally have spent over 20 years & $100k in trainings, coaching, and self-development to bring you all of my gifts, wisdom, & expertise into this program to see YOU create your magical fucking life.

You have the opportunity now to experience the shifts that took me decades in a matter of weeks.

what You Will Need:

Willingness to Change
Being Coachable
No Excuses

My promise to you consists of:

Willingness to Meet You Where You Are
Expertise + Experience

I will guide you there in YOUR unique way.

Gain extreme confidence, embody your future self, be the power source you’re seeking, and rebirth the Divinity within you that is LIMITLESS.

I am proud of you for committing to this, knowing you will be turned inside out.

You’ll have to let the dark pieces within be dissolved with your radiant light.

It’s Your Time to Be the Badass Goddess You Came to Be & Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

 Are you Committed? Only $777

BONUS!!! Divine Destiny Membership Access for 1 month