Your pain of being frustrated with self sabotage leading to getting down on yourself, then being stuck in emotional patterns is exactly where I was in the past.

Body shame sucks and so does being paralyzed from emotional heartache and repetitive negative thinking.

Childhood trauma lead me to self destruct and hate who I was, eventually becoming lost before I knew I needed to heal.

You want a new perspective so you have your personal power in your hands, right?  By helping you re-establish your inner connection to break patterns you’ll gracefully align to your desires for achieving bliss in your life.

If you want a bridge between the way out woo and mainstream practical transformational work, then you’re in the right place. I’m down to earth with a heart bigger than the world and can guarantee you’ll have more than a few laughs and a whole new outlook during our time together.

As an intuitive healer and empowerment coach with goddess guidance and self love sprinkled into the mix I assist you in aligning your physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional self so your energy is free of negativity and reveal your powerful inner goddess.

I grew up in a tiny town in Ohio with a struggling single mom who couldn’t be around much, which lead to being with others, who were sexually molesting me…for years. We didn’t have much, I didn’t speak up much, and eventually didn’t care much about anything. I felt abandoned by my alcoholic dad and lonely because I was also “different”. Once my mom remarried I felt even lonelier with a new baby in the house and stories of not being good enough started before body shame took over. All I could see was how big my butt was, how big my nose was, how ugly my cellulite was, how weird my body was, how ugly my smile was, and how annoying my voice was. This turned into suicide attempts, horrible body image, eating disorders, drug addiction, reckless living, and eventually being a dark person & a huge fucking mess! Keeping my emotional pain a secret was natural but I didn’t know how to love myself and really had no reason to.

I’m telling you all of this so you know that I understand on a truly deep level.

The inner voice in my downward spirals of self hatred kept whispering to me that I’m here for a bigger reason though. I’ve spent over 20 years climbing out of my dark hole, 10 years in trainings, healing programs, and with coaches to blend my innate gifts with professional experience so you achieve your deepest desires.

My expertise covers so many levels in a comprehensive way to give you an effective transformational experience:

  • Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Crystal Advisor
  • Self Love Mentor
  • Goddess Guide
  • A background in shamanism

Seeing you struggle when I know how beautiful life can be once you’re on the other side of pain and shame inspires me to move forward in my mission to heal the wounded feminine.

We need to bond as sisters, to encourage each other instead of tear each other down, and give our adolescent girls (and boys) role models to look up to.

When we work together you become empowered and life becomes easier through aligning on all the levels we dive into.  For you this looks like:

  • reducing mental stress and physical anxiety about the future
  • release self-consciousness to attract healthy relationships
  • replacing self-sabotaging through and behaviors with spiritual connection

My healing and transformation journey has personally has given me the courage to help you lead a gorgeous life free from pain and full of joy.

And those little things about me- being in love with Costa Rica where my heart lives, having fun even single day of my life, being out in nature and moving my body, being a married mom of three amazing children, and totally being authentically who I am (yes, your goddess of bliss) fills my soul with gratitude daily.

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Kim Bowen Bliss