Are You Living a Suppose To Life?

This has been heavily on my mind recently as I traveled with my family for almost a month to Costa Rica over the summer and also hosted a powerful retreat for women. I have had people tell me. “you’re so lucky” or “I wish I could live like that”, and “must be nice to have your husband take care of you”. Well, yes it is nice that I’m in a good marriage where we love and support each other but I am tired of sitting back as others perceive that this life I created is just based on luck.

I actually use to be one of those people who believed that success was for others, happiness was for others, feeling confident was for others, and doing something I love for a living was for others.

It turns out, we all have the exact same abilities if our minds allow us to. Your mind is more than likely the only true obstacle in your way of living the life you dream of.

I know this because not only do I teach mindset practices but I lived that deep pessimism that honestly got me deeper in a hole than any remnant of optimism. You aren’t in need of a lucky break if you aren’t happy in your life. You are more than likely living the life you feel you’re “suppose” to based on old programming and generational living.

I know it pisses some of us off to hear that and admit to it but it’s so true. If we can blow those old beliefs out of our head that our family has always had bad luck, or we just aren’t as privileged as those who grew up rich, or we can’t do what others are doing because we don’t have the skill set, then the sky is the limit.

What do you really believe?

Are you living as a stay at home mom because it’s what you were told is right and if not then you’re a bad mom? I tried it and I sucked at it because I had a different mission. Are you working a corporate job because you went to get an education and that’s what smart people do? Maybe you have a deep passion to be an entrepreneur but don’t feel ready. Or possibly you’re in a shitty relationship that keeps you feeling inadequate because you haven’t had someone who truly loves you unconditionally and don’t even know how to love yourself unconditionally or how to have boundaries. Again, not easy to admit but until you see the issue at hand holding you back you’ll never create exactly what you want.

Here’s a way to see if your life is in alignment with what you WANT, not what you’re SUPPOSE to be doing…

*Write down all the things you do in a day- How many of them make you excited?

*Write down all the things you want to do daily and accomplish before you die-How many are there?

*Take time to breathe into your intuition with hands on your belly and ask yourself, “What do I truly desire?”

*Do those answers match up with the 1st or 2nd and how misaligned are all of them in relation to each other?

*Ask yourself with the roles you are playing out every day if that is because you choose it or it was chosen for you.- (You can still be a great mom and not be head of the FFO & have a pristine house for example) You can go as deep into this down to the clothes you wear, are you “suppose” to wear those because of your age or career?

*Make a list of the top 3 things you LOVE that you aren’t honoring right now and make a promise to begin bringing them to life a little each day.

Giving yourself the time to be aware of how you want to live compared to an idea based on someone else is crucial. Sometimes we lose a bit of ourselves through relationships or careers and have a hard time getting back to who we are. It’s much more fun living life out how you create it instead of how you think you should.

I’d love to hear from you if you are feeling like you don’t know how to get out of “suppose to” mode.

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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    This has been all around me this week as well. I read it this way, “I should….” makes me wrong in some form. Feels like you then live in some type of resentment for what you are doing. Instead of “I choose….” which of course you are able to take the power back!! Thanks for your insights. I’m going to journal and meditate on them tomorrow morning!! It’s been a huge journal day already….11+ pages…processing alot and taking a little inventory of the past year!! 🙂


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